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STIRKIN offers washing and drying services, as well as free laundry pick-up and delivery.

Our prices:
Clothes wash, dry and folding - 20 UAH / 1kg(2,2 lbs)
Bed sheets wash, dry and ironing - 15 UAH / 1kg
Blankets - 80 - 130 UAH, depending on the size.
Raincoats - 50-100 UAH.
Curtains - 40 UAH / 1kg.

Our minimum order amount is 55 UAH.
Our delivery map is available here. If the weight of your things is less than a minimum order amount, we’ll charge our minimum price.

You can also buy a package of 20, 50 or 100 prepaid kilograms, and get a discount!
20 kg = 300 UAH (15 UAH / 1kg)
50 kg = 600 UAH (12 UAH / 1kg)
100 kg = 950 UAH (9,5 UAH / 1kg) + 50% off any raincoat or blanket wash&dry.

When buying a package, you don’t have to do a one-time large order. Basically, you just prepay a certain amount of kilograms, and then order whenever you need our services (minimum amount for every order is 5kg)

Each order is washed and dried separately, and is not mixed with other orders.

We are not a dry cleaners, so we do not offer individual dry cleaning.
If your laundry requires manual washing, or cannot be washed in an automatic washing machine due to its clothing structure, we encourage you to go to a dry cleaner.
We specialize on solving your most important basic problems with dirty laundry, in a case you don't have a washing machine nearby for some reason.